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Episode 27: Chiara Bruzzano & Marc Jones

August 2, 2020

In Teacher Talking Time’s first round-table episode, we focus on the topic of teaching and developing listening skills. Leo and Andrew are joined by Marc Jones and Chiara Bruzzano, both researchers on the topic of listening.

Marc and Chiara help us parse what current research and findings on listening says, and discuss what strategies and approaches we as teachers can utilize in our classes to best help our students.

This episode is divided into 3 sections:

1. The Differences between teaching, practicing, and testing listening (3:20)

2. Analyzing the standard approach to teaching listening (34:00)

3. Looking at what can be improved and suggestions of how to go about it. (1:02:00)

Three questions were used to help us define this round table discussion: 

1. Is there a problem that our industry faces that you would like to address?

2. How is this topic relevant to teachers?

3. What outcomes do we expect to achieve at the end of this round table?

*This episode works in conjunction with the LYE Course "Teaching Listening Made Easy."

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Twitter: @chiara_bruzzano

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Chiara is also the founder of LanguagEd, a group of teachers, researchers and graphic designers producing professional development courses for teachers.

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Twitter: @marcjonestyo   

View his websites: Marcjones.tokyo and getgreatenglish.com 

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*For anyone interested in learning more about teaching listening, listen to the end of the episode for a discount code for the LYE course “Teaching Listening Made Easy.”

For more information on this episode, see our blog post on our website. 

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